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Virblatt Baja Hoodie


Baja hoodies have made their way from American surfing paradises to Europe and we don`t want to miss them. Baja sweaters are a sign of a special lifestyle and are perfect as festival clothing and hippie clothes. Baja jackets are also known as the Rasta Hoodie, Mexican Baja or Joe Hoodie Pullover. Set free the hippie in you with the colorful hippie hoodie Utrecht. It combines a colorful woven pattern with black cotton lining. This makes it not only particularly stylish, but also super comfortable and it keeps you warm on cold and windy days. The Baja jacket has a practical pocket and a drawstring around the waist to protect you from wind and cold.

Country of Manufacture Nepal
Manufacturer virblatt
Typ Jacke Autumn / Winter
Material 100 % cotton
Interior Material Cotton
Exterior Pockets
Care instructions First time hand wash. Afterwards mashine wash 30 degrees