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actiTube slim activated charcoal filters – smart joint tuning

actiTube, which offers adventurous users the advantages of activated charcoal filtration for smoking products.
Ever since 2001, they have been dedicated to improving the ratio of active substance vs. harmful substance when inhaling for health-conscious smokers (and increasingly medical users) who still want to enjoy their consumption.

Evolution from rolled cardboard to the high-end, screw-in filter

Back in the day, flyers, train tickets and cardboard flaps from papers were rolled in as “filters”, but these were at most a spacer to protect your mouth from the heat. They didn’t prevent a gross taste in the mouth or stop you from inhaling harmful condensates.
Today, an 
actiTube activated charcoal filter is made up of different components and materials that are all produced down to a few hundredths of a millimeter and have undergone long test runs in testing and production.

Activated charcoal – takes the gunk out of your skunk

Thanks to its large surface area, activated carbon is able to absorb large amounts of harmful condensates, which also cools the smoke and allows significantly fewer harmful substances in the respiratory tract. This makes each drag taste pleasantly mild, without impairing the effects.
Our experience and tests have shown that increased filtration always leads to less harm for the lungs, without detracting from the effects. That’s why 
actiTube always completely fills its filters and doesn’t use any coal granulate, but only the highest quality activated carbon in pellet form, with the maximum filtration potential. Of course our activated carbon is free from dust, purified and suitable for vegans.


Actitube Filter

Die Aktivkohlefilter mit Keramikkappen von 'actiTube' im SLIM-Format werden zum Eindrehen für Selbstgedrehte oder zur Verwendung in Mehrweg-Filtern aus Glas, Holz, Metall oder ähnliches verwendet. Sie filtern unerwünschte Nebenstoffe aus dem Rauch und machen jeden Zug bekömmlicher. Der Rausch aber bleibt!

Achtung: Diese Filter passen nicht in die 'actiTube'-Pfeifen Art.-Nr. 16 07 00, 16 07 23 und Art.-Nr. 16 07 99.