Calumet Mini Rocket Wood Pipe Holzpfeife

Calumet Mini Rocket Wood Pipe Holzpfeife

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Calumet Mini Rocket Wood Pipe Holzpfeife


Material: Olive
Color: Bright Wood
Dimensions: 9,3 x 1,8 x 1,8 cm
System: dismantable

  • Each pipe is prepared for use with a standard activated carbon filter for an even softer smoking experience. Thanks to the specially developed 3 plug-in system, the pipes can be made completely of wood and thus guarantee a sustainable use of raw materials and a high degree of environmentally friendliness. Cleaning the pipes is also easy and quick by hand thanks to the 3 plug-in system.
  • Highest quality made in Germany – the pipes are handmade in a workshop in Germany and subjected to a precise evaluation before shipping. A practical metal box is included as standard for storage.
  • 100% wooden product only treated with natural wax – the mini rocket is based on a 3-socket system and is made from 100% wood. Use with standard activated carbon filters
  • Easy and thorough cleaning thanks to the 3-socket system – the 3-plug system allows thorough and uncomplicated cleaning. The flute is protected from dirt by the activated carbon filter. All standard activated carbon filters (8 mm) fit into the integrated filter chamber. Flute, neck and head are detachable, so you can easily reach every part of the pipe during cleaning. With regular cleaning, each calumet is virtually indefinitely smokable in continuous use
  • Accessories included – so you can get started immediately, you will receive a hanging sieve diameter 12 mm, activated carbon filter and metal box for safe storage


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