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Canibis - Complete food for adult dogs - Small breeds - Chicken and Turkey

Canibis - super premium dog food contains unique nutritional spectrum.

With its unique composition, Canibis is the most complex food on the market, the result of years of work, development and research by Croatian experts in the field of healthy and functional food production.

Canibis contains 3 sources of protein which, because of their composition, are gradually digested individually. It contains proteins of animal origin, then proteins from vegetables and fruits and proteins of plant origin. It contains omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on the heart and bloodstream system as well as skin and hair quality.

Canibis contains cannabinoids from hemp that regulate the work of the whole organism through the cannabinoid receptors and bring the organism into balance or state of homeostasis. In addition to cannabinoids, Canibis also contains terpenoids, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, fibers, anthocyanins, flavonides, licopenes and carotenoids.

In addition to animal and vegetable fats, Canibis ensures widespread availability and absorption of vitamins and other nutrients.

Most of vegetables and plants and plant products are from EU Organic certified farming.

Canibis is one and only - unique in the world market.

Canibis is more than just a dog food.


Corn grits, processed animal protein 22% (of which 75% chicken and 25% turkey), animal fat, rice, hemp flower and leaves*, butternut squash*, carrot, aronia (chokeberry), chamomile*, hemp protein*, leaves of young green wheat*, hemp seed oil*, tomatoes.

Ingredients from organic certificated farming were marked with *  

Analytical data: Average nutritional value in 100g of product:

Energy 1619kJ / 383kcal, Fat 7,2g - Saturated fatty acids 2,4g, Carbohydrates 59,3g - of which 0,7g sugars, 19,6g Protein, Salt 0,42g. Sodium 0,16%, Calcium 0,99%, Potassium 0,34g, Iron (Fe) 83,1mg/kg, Magnesium 631mg/kg, Phosphorus 0,38%, Ash 3,4g, Raw fibres 1,43g, CBD 56mg/kg, Omega-unsaturated fatty acids in 100g fat: Omega 3 - 2,47g, Omega 6 - 26,04g, Omega 9 - 35,13g.

Feed instructions

You can serve the meal in dry form or, if necessary, soften with a little lukewarm water. The recommended daily intake of food by body weight (kg) is: 

Active Dog:
1kg = 40g
3kg = 70g
5kg = 90g
7kg = 120g
10kg = 170g

Less Active Dog:
1kg = 25g
3kg = 45g
5kg = 75g
7kg = 105g
10kg = 140g

When you give your dog Canibis Premium for the first time, mix it with the food you used before and gradually increase the Canibis Premium food portion for 7 days. The daily amount may vary depending on the environment, age, activity level and age of your dog.
Ensure a fresh water that is always available to your pet.
Best to use: printed on the packaging
Keep closed in a dry and dark place.