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Satya Aura Cleansing Backflow Dhoop Incense Cones | Rückfluss-Räucherkegel



Balance yourself with these aura cleansing backflow cones. Cleansing your aura means cleaning your energy field from energies that are not your own. Burning incense can help with this. These cones are special "backflow cones", which means that they are specially made for an incense waterfall.


How do backflow cones work?

The difference between regular cones and backflow incense cones is not that big at all. The main difference is the opening in the center of a backflow cone. In this opening, the air remains relatively cool after you have lit the cone. Cool air always drops. This is how the smoke from a backflow cone flows so beautifully into the frankincense waterfall! In addition, backflow cones contain slightly more powder (on a natural basis) that provides smoke. Due to the extra smoke, the effect of the waterfall is beautiful.

You light backflow cones as you are used to from incense cones, only you use a special backflow burner as an incense holder. Preferably provide a draft and wind free environment and enjoy!


Authentic Satya incense

The Satya brand is among the best incense in the world. Satya is one of the incense from producer Shrinivas Sugandhalaya. This producer is world famous among connoisseurs, partly because of the excellent nag champa fragrance.

Satya incense is made by hand in India, using herbal ingredients only. You can think for example of resin, bark, oil and powder. All these natural ingredients can be found in the nostalgic, intense Satya scents.


Tips to burn aura cleansing incense

Your aura is your energy body. People who can see auras see an aura in every living being. The moment you come into contact with the emotions or stress of other people, these energies can enter your own aura. This can make you feel confused, irritable or tired. In such a situation it can help to clean your aura.

These Satya backflow cones smell spicy, oriental and woody. The herbs have been carefully selected for their inspiring and cleansing effect. Meanwhile you can enjoy the beautiful effect of the backflow burner.


Is aura cleansing frankincense only for people who see auras?

Certainly not. If you do not believe in or see aura, we can better explain it as follows: for you "pollution" of your aura will probably feel like picking up the atmosphere and emotions of others. Sensitive people in particular can struggle with this. When that happens, you get out of your own sphere and you can feel uncomfortable.

With an appropriate incense you can clear your head and create your own atmosphere. You don't need to see auras to take advantage of this woody herbal scent.