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Satya Blue Sage Backflow Dhoop Incense Cones | Rückfluss-Räucherkegel




With these Satya blue sage backflow cones you can have your own smudging ceremony. Blue sage is known as a herb that cleans the environment of negative energy. It has a soft, fresh fragrance. This spicy fragrance reminds many people of the mountains. With a beautiful backflow burnerl you complete the atmosphere.


Backflow cones and the backflow burner

Backflow cones are especially suitable for a backflow burner. With these cones, the incense naturally flows down. How does that work? It’s very simple: there is a tunnel in these backflow cones. In this opening, the air remains relatively cool after you have lit the cone. Cold air descends. That is why the smoke flows downwards at backflow cones, so that the waterfall effect is created. Place a backflow cone at the top of your backflow burner. Light it as usual and enjoy the intriguing effect. Because there is a little more (natural) powder in backflow cones to promote the smoke, they burn a little faster. However, a lot of odor is released.


Blue sage: pleasant and cleansing

Sage has traditionally been known for its power to expel negative energy. Blue and white sage are the best known. If you are just introduced to sage, blue sage is a pleasant choice. It smells a bit milder and sweeter than white sage, but has the same cleaning properties. You can use these Satya blue sage dhoop cones to clean your environment, or to enjoy the pleasant, natural scent.


Incense brand Satya

Satya frankincense is known worldwide for their quality and natural ingredients. Satya incense is made by hand in India, according to a fair and pure production process. Child labor is not used and all components of the incense are vegetable. In addition, you will not find any harmful ingredients such as lead and cadmium in Satya incense.


Satya blue sage backflow dhoop cones burn

These blue sage backflow cones are perfect for when you are tense and need a calming atmosphere. The scent of blue sage is fresh, mountainous and mild. The fragrance helps to dispel negative thoughts, but it does not make you drowsy. Light the backflow cones at the top of your favorite burner, and relax. Because a backflow burner releases a lot of smoke and odor, it is important to properly ventilate your living space. Make sure that the environment is draft-free when you light a backflow cone, because the wind effect can cause the waterfall effect to be lost.