Satya Buddha's Blessing Backflow Dhoop Incense Cones | Rückfluss Räuch

Satya Buddha's Blessing Backflow Dhoop Incense Cones | Rückfluss Räucherkegel

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Satya Buddha's Blessing Backflow Dhoop Incense Cones | Rückfluss-Räucherkegel



Content per Pack: 24 Cones
Inhalt pro Packung: 24 Kegel

The warm, spicy fragrance of these Satya backflow dhoop cones stimulates you to make the best out of yourself! The incense gives peace and softness. These properties fit perfectly with the teachings of Buddha. Meditate on this incense, or light it for creative inspiration and relaxation. These cones are specially designed for a backflow burner. You achieve the intriguing waterfall effect by burning the cone on a burner like such.


How backflow incense cones work

Backflow cones are designed for a so-called incense waterfall or backflow burner. As the name implies, the smoke from the cones flows down into an incense waterfall. That looks special and you can keep looking at it! The funny thing is that it only requires a simple adjustment. Backflow cones have a tunnel in the middle. The air in this opening remains relatively cool. Cool air always flows downwards, so you achieve the waterfall effect.

To enhance the waterfall effect, some more (makko) powder has been added to backflow cones. Due to this natural powder, a little more smoke comes from these cones than from ordinary cones. They burn a little faster, but there is also more odor.


Incense brand Satya

Satya is an incense brand from the world famous producer Shrinivas Sugandhalaya. Shrinivas produces authentic handmade Indian incense. This is popular worldwide among connoisseurs, because of the naturally pure ingredients. Due to the pure ingredients, the scents are intense and nostalgic. When producing Satya incense, ingredients such as oil, resin, wood, flowers and herbs are used. These components provide atmosphere and tranquility. All Shrinivas incense are made according to a fair production process, without child labor.

You can recognize the packaging of Satya by the simple white-red logo. The colors used always match the fragrance.


Burn Satya Buddha's blessing backflow cones

This incense is a ‘lucky incense’. Burn this incense scent to gain inspiration and strength. The spicy, oriental fragrance is particularly suitable for the evening.

Backflow cones are lit in the same way as other incense cones. Place the cone at the top of your waterfall, light it and enjoy the unique effect. Backflow cones are less suitable for an environment with drafts or wind. The backflow effect is lost due to wind.


Buddha's Blessing backflow cones tips

The name and fragrance of this incense make it very suitable as a spiritual gift! Complete your gift with a Buddha backflow burner. 

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