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Satya Dragon's Fire Backflow Dhoop Incense Cones | Rückfluss-Räucherkegel




Revitalize yourself with this fiery dragon fire fragrance. These incense cones ensure that your own fire will burn with inspiration. In addition, these backflow cones are a nice gift suggestion for lovers of dragons and fantasy. Satya has composed this wonderful fragrance with the best herbs. The result is an inspiring "dragon fire”.


How do backflow incense cones work?

Backflow incense cones are not that different from ordinary incense cones. In backflow cones there is a tunnel in the middle. In this narrow opening, the air remains relatively cool after you light the cone. Since cool air always falls, the smoke will flow down beautifully. The other difference is that a high gradation of natural powder is added to backflow cones, so that more smoke is released. This enhances the effect of the waterfall. Backflow cones burn up a bit faster, but a lot of odor is released with these cones.


About Satya incense brand

Many connoisseurs of incense love the scents of the Indian Satya. It is a brand of the famous producer Shrinivas Sugandhalaya. Shrinivas frankincense are handmade in India, using only natural ingredients. The scents of Satya evoke a lot of nostalgia in people, because of the pure, earthy aromas. Bark, resin, oil and powder are used. Satya incense is free from harmful substances such as cadmium and lead. You can recognize the brand by the simple packaging with the white-red logo.


Tips for Satya dragon's fire backflow dhoop cones

Sometimes you need a little fire because you feel burned out. The dragon's fire incense is a good choice. Do not confuse this incense with the dragon’s blood variant. Dragon's blood is a fragrance from the dragon blood tree. This plant grows in the Canary Islands. Dragon's fire is a composite fragrance of delicious herbs.

You light backflow cones as usual. Provide a wind-free environment, otherwise the smoke cannot flow properly.