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Satya Rose Backflow Dhoop Incense Cones | Rückfluss-Räucherkegel



The scent of roses is one of the most classic scents. Roses smell soft, sultry and romantic. With Satya incense cones you can enjoy this scent in an original way. These are special backflow cones. That means that these cones are especially suitable for a backflow waterfall burners. They are made so that the smoke goes down instead of up. This creates the special effect of the incense waterfall.


How do backflow incense cones work?

There is actually only a small difference between backflow incense cones and "normal" incense cones. An opening has been made in the middle in backflow cones. This is a small tunnel that has an opening at the bottom of the cone.

As soon as you light the backflow cone, the cooler air in the opening causes the smoke to flow down instead of up. In addition, backflow cones often use a little more makko powder. This natural ingredient ensures that the cone does not fall apart and that it smokes considerably, and spreads its scent. The waterfall effect is enhanced by the extra smoke.


The scent of roses

The scent of the rose is maybe the most famous scent in the world. Rose scent is used in incense, perfume, cosmetics and scented candles. The rose is globally associated with love, romance, beauty and happiness.

With the Satya incense cones you can enjoy the scent of roses in a natural way. The soft, sultry notes make it a particularly suitable fragrance to dream away with at night.


About the brand Satya

Satya is one of the most popular incense brands. Incense enthusiasts often regard the brand as the king of scents. Satya incense is produced in Bangalore in India. They use only natural ingredients. For example, resin, tree bark and essential oil. The incense cones are made by hand, according to a fair production process. There are no animal related ingredients in the incense and there is no child labor involved.


Light Satya rose backflow cones

You light a backflow cone at the top of an backflow burner. After lighting the cone, you blow out the flame,after this a wonderfull scent is released with the smoke. The smoke will flow down beautifully through the tunnel in the cone.

Because of the large amount of smoke that’s being released, the cone will burn not as long as a regular incense cone. The backflow cone will burn fora bout 15 minutes.