CBD-Oil Luxembourg –
Same content – new packaging

[K]AMI – CBD-Oil Luxembourg

It took many months, but as the saying goes:

Some things are well worth waiting for!

Same content – new packaging.

The pipette, the bottle, the safety lock, the packaging and even the label!
We spared no effort or expense to give you guys the perfect packaging for the perfect CBD oil.

The pipette:

More robust, perfect length for the new bottle and including markings.

The bottle:

Robust, dark amber glass – perfect for light sensitive liquids, premium quality, perfect size to carry around on the go.

The safety ring:

Proof that the bottle hasn’t been opened before you receive it. Please let us know immediately in case you receive a bottle with a damaged safety ring.

The packaging:

EVA Foam makes sure your bottle is held in place at all times, protecting it from any damage while transporting. Furthermore, the colors are chosen intentionally in order to protect even more from sun exposure.

The label:

The new silver foil label is glossy and shiny. It is wind- and weather proof! Moreover it is tearproof and the print will not disappear after a certain time.

The best and most important thing for you is that the content of the oil stays the same – as well as the price.

You and we as well are incredibly happy with our CBD oil and for that reason we would never change it.
Despite all the new costs and efforts – our prices remain the same! We want to give something back to you to thank you for your amazing support over the last years.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write us and CONTACT us.