ORGANIC!? Did we get your attention 

Hey you lovely people out there ♥

we are Mavelos, some of you may know us from here and there.


Above all, we want to tell you something, you may have missed.

Therefore we prepared a big online shop for you.

With everything we have here in our local store PLUS some extras ;)

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Are you looking for GREEN Products, that fit perfectly in your daily routine? 

For example;
Veggi / vegan food | Glutenfree | Lactosefree | Sustainable | Organic |
Natural, | Eco (Ecologically) | Made in Luxembourg | Local

In other words, we´ve got you covered with a big amount of different kinds of products in our Online-Shop.



Right now there are over 350+ Products online and we are expanding this weekly.

With NEW Products like Hemp Shoes, alternative Fairtrade Clothing made out of hemp and
all kind of local produced goodies from Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Italy and France.

However, here is a small preview of our Products online.

For example;

  • over 150 Clipper Lighters | Metall, cork and standard.
  • Made in Luxembourg Coffee
    Beans, Espresso, biodegradable Coffee pads / capsules and many more
  • Hemp Seed Coffee and Hemp Leaves Coffee from Italy
  • Hemp Syrups, Hemp Syrup with Lemon and Hemp Syrup with Elderflower
  • Bars, Protein Bars, Cookies, Cereals, biscuits
    organic Smoothies, organic chocolate with Hempseeds ( dark, white, milk )
    Made out of Cashews or with Maca, Inca, or Berrys
  • Pet food with hemp and organic pet treats
  • Organic and Fairtrade Clothes / Clothing / Wear / Textiles
    Alternative Fashion from Thailand and Nepal. Everything is Fairtrade and natural.
    Shoes, Flip Flops, Espadrillas, Ponchos, Hoodies, Zip Hoodies, Backpacks, Moneybelts, Shirt, fanny pack, Bumbag, bum bags, sport bags, festival accessories and many more.
  • A lot of Incenses with incense holder and a lot of accessories for it.
  • Organic Supplements, Protein Bars, Hemp Proteins, Hemp Powder
  • Curcuma organic

Fashion, Food, Drinks, Tobacco Accessories, Incense, Essential Oils,
Supplements, Snacks and many More

  • Maca premium organic quality, powder or capsules
  • A big variety of hemp spreads with Paprika, Basil, Peperoni, oriental, horseradish, red cole, tomato, Pesto basil, Pesto Rocket, Rosso, spicy and many more.
  • Hemp Milk
  • Seed Snacks in many tasty variations
  • Organic Drinks, Hemp drinks, smoothies, coconut water, everything organic and absolutely tasty.
  • Organic, Cruelty-Free and Eco. Cosmetics
    Shampoo, Soaps, Cremes, Lips Creme, Foot Balm, Aloe Vera Creme, Beard Oil, Afterlotion, Bamboo Toothbrush, Reusable Make Up Removing Pads, Aleppo soap, solid shampoo, solid soap, solid deodorant, antiperspirant, deodorant and many more
  • Essential Oils, Organic high quality 100% Oils
  • Organic Matcha and organic Sencha Tea with accessories to prepare it
  • Tobacco accessories from GreenGo, Raw and Juicy Jays like;
    Grinder, Papers, Filter, Tips, Blunts, Bongs, Chillum, Pipes, Grinder Cards, Glas Tips, Stashbox, Trays etc.
  • Honey from Italy
    Honey with Haselnut, Honey with wild Lavender, Honey with Ginger, Honey with Curcuma, Honey with Cacao, Eucalyptus Honey, Propolis ( Pollen ), Orange Honey, Strawberry Tree Honey ( Corbezzolo ), Chestnut Honey
  • Big variety of different organic Tea’s.
    Matcha, Sencha, Hemp with 10 different Tastes, Curkuma Tea, Fruit Tea, Lebensbaum Tea, Pachama Made in Luxembourg Tea, Herbal Tea, Detox Tea, Mango Tea,

Moreover, we want to point out, how great this lifestyle is! Go hand in hand to promote what Mother Earth has to offer and to show you the flip side of what mainstream media wants you to believe.

Firstly, take care of yourself and your close environment you are living in.

Secondly, there is no second earth we can go to, neither do we want to leave a mess behind us and for our children.

Thirdly, it is their future and we can make the change, right now and right here.


In other words – Take the first step!
Every change starts within you and your thoughts.

We hope we can have an impact on the future and go hand in hand with you ♥
Conscientious living and acting in a world, that is in dire need of it!
Small steps, all together and hand in hand, which may make it possible to change direction on a small scale.
Every little step is worth trying :)

There is always a way for each one of us to take part of that change.

Greater awareness should be teached in schools. If this isn’t the case, then we, as parents or friends, should
be an example for the children. Time flies by and no one ever said that it would be easy.

Take care of yourself and in progress you will discover a lot of new things to do.

For Example;

– Use less Plastic
– Reduce meat consumption
– Take care of every living being
– Instead of over sweetend spreads, eat fruits
– Pay more and buy less ( Quality over quantity )
– Enjoy some minimalism
– If something good happens to you, pass it on
– Donate what you don’t need
– Help everyone, whenever and wherever
– Donate Blood

Thanks for reading this and thanks for your time ♥


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