Kannabia Purple Dream Auto 2 Seeds

Kannabia Purple Dream Auto 2 Seeds

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Kannabia Purple Dream Auto 2 Seeds

Indica dominant

THC: 16% CBD: <0.5%


Earthy, Spicy


Cycle: 60-65 Days
Yield: 350 gr/m2

Yield: 200 gr/plant


An Essential Little Pleasure

There are autoflowering cannabis plants that are supposed to be productive, resilient, and fast-growing. However, sometimes, unique seeds emerge from the combination of genetics that deserve special attention, earning a distinct place in a collection. That’s why Purple Dream Auto, one of our limited cannabis seeds, is an absolute must-have for collectors.

This specimen possesses several important characteristics. One of them is its beauty: While the cannabis plant is modest in height, it impresses with its radiance, purple and blue flowers, and olive-green leaves. It is a true beauty!

Thanks to its flavor inherited from its parent, Purple Kush, one of Kannabia Seed Company’s key indicas, it has secured a place in the hearts of the most discerning breeders. The successful combination with a robust Ruderalis, preserving the original terpenes, has been a triumph.

We must mention its flowering time. It grows effortlessly, adapting generously and modestly to any space. Despite its attractiveness, it knows its place, seeming to say, „I don’t want to disturb; I feel comfortable here.“ It is enchanting!

Cultivation of Purple Dream Auto

Cultivation is spectacularly easy. Purple Dream Auto is an autoflowering seed, destined to grow effortlessly, but in this case, it is truly remarkable. Its rapid flowering time makes it less susceptible to pests and moisture issues, rendering it resilient. Despite its small size, it develops many beautiful and heavy purple buds, but thanks to its robust structure, it can easily bear the weight. Don’t prune it; let it grow; it knows where to go. And it has a lot of resin.

Due to its low height, it is also suitable for balconies or small indoor terraces. The flowering period ends within 60 to 65 days, yielding up to 400 grams per square meter. The optimal photoperiod is 18 to 20 hours of artificial light.

Outdoors, it grows a bit taller, up to 120 centimeters, especially when the roots can spread in a suitable substrate. Ideally, plant it at the beginning of spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) to maximize sunlight, and you can harvest around 200 grams per plant in October. If not, don’t worry; it will still bloom, albeit with slightly lower yields.

It is among the plants most commonly recommended for those who have never grown cannabis seeds because it allows for mistakes and forgives everything. With it, you can take your first steps in cultivation.

Taste and Effect of Purple Dream Auto

In terms of taste, Purple Dream Auto retains the ancestor Black Domina’s influence on Purple Kush, with fresh earth and pine aromas, complemented by floral and spicy, almost piquant notes.

The effect is very indica, with a THC content of 16%. It is highly calming, particularly beneficial for muscles, and ensures a good night’s sleep. For many, this autoflowering cannabis seed is even considered therapeutically valuable. The effects are very pleasant and allow you to control your sensations at any time.


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