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We all know that tobacco is dangerous for our health.

Yet there are many smokers out there that don’t want to give up their blunts…

We get that! So it was time to invent a product that bridges the gap between natural papers and blunts.

PS. Want to know more backstory? Back in the early 1990’s, Josh was one of the first people to ever sell cigar wrappers. The first brands had funny names like “Uncle Poos” and “3 Leaf Blunt.” We began making our own cigar wrappers, and there is probably nobody else alive who has more experience and knowledge about cigar wraps. We put all of the years of experience we have into these Hemp Wraps to make them burn, taste, roll, and feel just like a premium tobacco wrapper. I think if you didn’t tell people there was no tobacco they wouldn’t even know (except the experience is better so they might catch on after a few puffs).

Enjoy the next level!