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GHE Urtimax 1L

G.O. Urtimax

Purre liquid nettle brew

Treatment for chlorosis, Organic silica source, general health tonic and adaptable pest deterrent: Urtica is an Organic all rounder

Urtimax stimulates plant growth, fights leaf chlorosis and mineral deficiencies, and improves pest resistance. 

Urtimax is a high-quality nettle brew like those gardeners have been using for hundreds if not thousands of years. Made by fermenting nettles in water, General Organics Urtica offers exceptional protection and nutrition for your plants.

Nettles are exceptionally rich in silica and iron, and contain high levels of nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, micro elements, enzymes and trace minerals, and, as with kelp emulsion, nettle tea also stimulates a plant’s immune system, improving its resistance to insect and disease attacks.

How to Use?

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