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Räucherstäbchen Camphor Incense Satya


Camphor is an old acquaintance. This uplifting fragrance was formerly widely used to soothe various ailments. The fresh scent was very much appreciated by many people. Light a Satya camphor incense stick for refreshment of your home and to give you new inspiration.


The origin and smell of camphor

Camphor comes from the camphor tree from Asia. It is a large, evergreen tree. Camphor is extracted from the wood. Camphor used to be used to soothe ailments: from rheumatic pain to acne. This is done little more because it is too irritating to apply directly to the skin. However, the fragrance evokes a nostalgic association in many people!

The camphor scent is refreshing and invigorating. Lighting camphor incense stimulates the senses and purifies the environment.