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Räucherstäbchen Pyramids Incense Satya

Pyramids by Satya is made from a unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, resins and essential oils.

Satya Pyramids Incense is one of the most potent aromas in the Satya collection. Believed to balance the body’s electromagnetic field and accelerate spiritual consciousness, this mystical incense is recommended for meditation, yoga, spiritual ceremonies, and everyday relaxation.


To improve any environment with the amazing aromas that these sticks provide, just light the end of the Satya incense stick. 

Once the end glows, blow out the flame and place in one of many Incense Holders.

Made In India

Each pack contains: 15g incense sticks
Packaging is recyclable
Use with an incense holder for best results
Approx burn time: 30 minutes