Satya Chakra Backflow Dhoop Incense Cones Rückfluss Räucherkegel

Satya Chakra Backflow Dhoop Incense Cones Rückfluss Räucherkegel

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Satya Chakra Backflow Dhoop Incense Cones Rückfluss-Räucherkegel



Content per Pack: 24 Cones
Inhalt pro Packung: 24 Kegel

During meditation and yoga you can give your seven chakras some extra attention. The chakras are the energy nodes in your body. By living healthy and avoiding stress, these energy nodes continue to function. This chakra incense from Satya is formulated with soothing ingredients. This way you can let go of everyday stress and come back to yourself.


Backflow incense cones, how do these work?

Backflow cones are not very different from the "ordinary" incense cones. There is only a simple trick behind it. Backflow cones have a tunnel in the middle. As soon as you light the cone, the air in the opening remains relatively cool. Because cool air flows down, the smoke will go down instead of up. This way you achieve the beautiful, soothing effect of the frankincense waterfall

In addition to the opening in the cone, a little more powder has been added in backflow cones, which provides extra smoke. This is a natural based powder. Because backflow cones smoke a bit more, they burn a little faster. The fragrance does linger for a long time.


Incense from Satya, world famous and naturaly pure

Incense brand Satya is characterized by real Indian incense products, which are made by hand. Pure ingredients are used exclusively. As a result, Satya creates authentic, earthy scents. For many people, the scents of Satya will evoke nostalgia.

There are several classics among the incense scents from Satya. Satya Sai Baba Nagchampa Agarbatti, patchouli and sandalwood are all well-known fragrances of the brand. You can recognize Satya incense by the white-red logo on the packaging. The brand comes from the famous incense producer Shrinivas Sugandhalaya.


Burn satya chakra backflow dhoop cones

You light the backflow cones as you are used to with other incense cones. Place them at the top of your frankincense waterfall and enjoy the beautiful effect and the wonderful scent. A backflow incense burner (incense waterfall) is less suitable for an environment with wind or drafts. The effect of the waterfall is then lost because the wind will play with the smoke.

Burn the chakra backflow cones to reconnect with yourself and relax. The herbs in this incense are particularly suitable for yoga and meditation. The fragrance is oriental, spicy and stimulating.

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