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Satya Super Hit Backflow Dhoop Incense Cones | Rückfluss-Räucherkegel





Meet the wonderfully soft and sweet scent ‘superhit’. This fragrance from Satya owes its name to the velvety, exciting aroma. This scent resembles the famous nag champa scent, but is slightly lighter. A true classic with an original name. These backflow cones are special cones for a waterfall burner. With these cones, the smoke goes down instead of up.


How do backflow cones work?

Backflow cones are designed for a waterfall burner. The smoke from these cones goes down instead of up. This is due to the tunnel in the middle of these cones. Burning releases hot air in the form of smoke. Warm air always rises. The air in the opening of a backflow cone stays cooler. This will cause the smoke to fall instead of rising. The waterfall burner gracefully leads the smoke down.

With incense cones, backflow cones in particular, there is always more smoke and odor released than with ordinary incense cones. The burning time is therefore slightly shorter (approx. 15 minutes).


About the brand Satya

Satya is one of the best incense brands there is. The brand is known worldwide for its handmade sticks and cones. Satya is made by hand in Bangalore in India. Only natural ingredients such as resin, essential oil, flowers and tree bark are used. The result is traditional, high-quality incense.


Burning Satya Superhit Backflow cones

Backflow cones are designed to be placed on an waterfall incense burner. Place a backflow cone at the top of a waterfall and light it as usual. Blow out the flame and the smoke from your Satya Superhit Cone will gracefully flow down. The Superhit scent is soft and dreamy. A perfect scent for meditation or to rest to after a busy day.