The Hemp Line -Natural- Hemp Rosemary Foot Cream | Rosmarin Fußcreme

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A good deed for your feet

The Hemp Rosemary Foot Cream is ideally suited to overworked and very stressed feet. Rosemary has an invigorating effect, and delivers a long-lasting and natural fragrance. The foot cream and its rich composition ensure a tangible suppleness, and give you a looked after feeling for your skin. Tired or cold feet are reinvigorated in an instant.

Try it out - your feet will thank you!

• Pleasant to rub in and quickly absorbed
• Supple and soft
• Regenerates and cares for your nails and protects your feet
• For every skin type, ideal for rough, overworked feetDieses Produkt ist ICADA zertifiziert

Content: 110 ml